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How to Find a Leaking Roof Part 2 (With Attic Access)


Can you get admission to Your Attic?

To start, you’ll want to determine if you can get admission to your attic. If you could, you may investigate the attic to look for signs of water.

Attic Access

Prior to entering the attic, you should recollect what type of insulation you have got. Some can be dangerous for your well-being. As an example, in case you would possibly have asbestos insulation, you must no longer enter your attic (or puncture your ceiling). If you have fiberglass insulation, you can enter your attic, wearing gloves, goggles and a face mask. Check your nearby safety policies to ensure you’re wearing everything the authorities advocate. Additionally, you ought to convey a flashlight.

Also, if the leak is extreme or might also have built up for a while, you ought to bear in mind whether or not the ceiling can preserve your weight. Sufficient water damage can compromise the integrity of the ceiling or the ceiling joists and also you wouldn’t want to fall through. Ask a professional if you are uncertain.

Search for signs and symptoms of Moisture.

Start your search above the leak within the ceiling. Search for moisture or signs of moisture at the roof truss or insulation above it.

Wet Attic

these signs include:

darkish spots on wood or insulation.

mildew boom or mold odor.

Discoloration, which may be a water stain, on wooden or other materials.

Condensation on nails or different surfaces.

damage to insulation, together with holes, dampness and/or stains.

Searching above the leak within the ceiling is a great start, however you’ll also need to check close to commonplace areas wherein water can also acquire in the roof, inclusive of corners, where roof joints meet or close to roof features, like skylights, valleys and chimneys.

Use light for your gain

If you can not see any signs of moisture, use your flashlight and look for darkish or vivid spots, which might be from time to time extra visible below a flashlight. Then, turn off the flashlight and every other light within the attic for a moment and look for shiny spots from the sun out of doors. If you may see any mold coming through your roof (aside from the light coming through the roof vents), that gap can be the supply of the leak.

What To Do whilst you discover a Leak

In case you’ve determined what you trust to be the supply of the leak, you must permit your roofer to recognize. regularly, the leak can be subsequent to an apparent roof feature, in an effort to make it easy for your roofers to discover when they are on the pinnacle of the roof.

However, now and again you’ll find a leak within the middle of the roof. In this case, start at the threshold of the roof and degree over to which you think the leak starts off. Then, supply your roofers the size so they will have a starting point after they investigate the roof.

In addition, in case you select to position a bucket beneath the roof source, do not leave it directly at the ceiling. It’s miles more secure to region a timber board through two ceiling joists and region the bucket on the wood. The bucket’s weight could be supported as it receives more water and is heavier.

What if you Don’t locate Any Water in the Attic?

In case you don’t locate water within the attic, you may want to consult a professional. It’s feasible that the water to your ceiling is resulting from something else, like condensation from terrible air flow for your attic (specially in bloodless climates) or a plumbing leak. Even mold, stained plywood and other signs of serious water harm may be resulting from condensation and no longer rainwater. A roofer can tell you if the roof isn’t the source of your leak and what type of expert you must call subsequently.

Stay tuned for part 3!


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