August 17

How to Find a Leaky Roof Part 3


A way to discover a Roof Leak without Attic access.

It’s becoming extra commonplace for builders to make houses with inaccessible attics. different homes have most effective vaulted or cathedral ceilings, and not using an attic in any respect. In both cases, you can not move up to the attic to investigate. as an alternative, you’ve got to call a roof repairer to get onto the roof and conduct a research. At the same time as you shouldn’t do this yourself, you are probably curious about what your roof artisan is looking for and which components of your roof are probably causing the leak. In that case, here’s a guide to what may have brought about your roof leak.

The most commonplace causes of Roof Leaks

Asphalt roof shingle blown off requiring substitute

There are numerous capability reasons for roof leaks. unsuitable set up of a roof component or function may cause a roof leak. harm to any part of the roof can also cause a leak. right here are some commonplace causes of roof leaks that you can want to understand extra approximately:

lacking or broken shingles: If a shingle is missing or damaged, it is able to do its process of keeping water at bay. lacking or broken shingles can be the result of mistaken set up, wrong repair or severe weather.

items placed on the roof: It isn’t always constantly secure to nail something in your roof. solar panels, protection cameras, Christmas decorations and different gadgets can be the source of leaks if their installation interferes with the roof.

Vents and exhaust fans: If improperly mounted or broken, vents and exhaust fanatics can allow water to access your roof.

Skylights: Skylights have their own flashing to prevent leaks, however if that flashing is poorly designed, mounted, or broken, it can permit for a leak.

exposed or improperly driven nails and screws: Shingles must cowl all nails or screws in a roof. exposed nails may additionally create the possibility for a leak. In case your roof artisan selected the wrong roofing nail, it’d also contribute to a leak.

Valley problems: Valleys are in particular prone regions of the roof and roofers want to install them with care. you furthermore may want to keep valleys clean of particles a good way to function properly.

Chimney issues: As chimneys run from your home up through the roof, they’ll allow for leaks in the event that they do not have the right flashing mounted. The entire chimney flashing entails more than one form of flashing.

Flashing troubles: Flashing is an important part of the roof, and it protects the whole thing from skylights to plumbing vents from leaks. Bent, damaged or missing flashing can permit for a leak.

on foot at the roof: It’s feasible to create a leak via frequently strolling for your roof or via on foot in susceptible regions, including roof valleys. Roofing specialists put on correct footwear and recognise wherein they must and have to not step to avoid negative damage to your roof.

DIY roof upkeep: Roofing is complicated, and a majority of house owners are not prepared to restore their roof properly. To keep away from leaks, consult with an expert in place of trying your personal roof restoration.

Tree damage: Branches that scrape against your roof can also motivate harm for your shingles and permit for a leak. There are different approaches to trees that can damage roofs.

Stay tuned for part 4, Solutions!


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