Solar Roofing in Austin, TX

Save money and the environment by going solar in Austin, TX today!

Save Money

The cost of energy is not dropping. In fact, it's getting higher! Installing solar panels for your home has many cost saving benefits that include long-term subsidy benefits, reducing the overall energy costs on your monthly electricity bill, and up to a 26% tax break on your property taxes! With the improvement of solar panels and the cost to produce them falling, you can make capitalize on the savings! 

Help the Environment

Instead of producing energy by burning fossil fuels and natural gas, solar panels produce clean, renewable and emission free energy. By going solar, you're able to significantly reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the greenhouse emissions that are caused by the burning of fossil fuels, as well as help your local area breathe better. Yes, breathe better! Solar also helps to reduce the amounts of pollutants in the air!

Financing Available

Investing in solar doesn't have to be a headache. With our financing options, you can qualify with nothing out of pocket! This is useful for those that don't want to shell out the amount of cash required to pay for solar panels and installation upfront but still want the most savings as possible. Financing makes it possible to own your system while still being eligible for any rebates and incentives!

Is solar really expensive?

One of the biggest myths surrounding solar is that it is too expensive to purchase. Most home owners have no clue how much it actually costs and the price for solar is at its lowest! As the prices continue to drop for solar, utility companies' will keep going up. As our communities and population continue to grow, so does the demand for energy. This will lead to an increase in prices for energy. You can get ahead of the curve by going solar! 


What does it take to get a solar energy system installed? Can I do it myself?

As there are National Electric Codes to follow, this is not a typical DIY project. Unless you are a licensed to work with the equipment, we recommend a professional install it. All systems connected to the power grid must be officially approved with paperwork before the system can be commissioned. If you wish to be eligible for rebates, working with a certified installer is a requirement. 


How many panels do I need?

That depends on how much energy you need to produce to offset or eliminate your current energy usages. It also depends on if you have enough space for the install. Our team of certified installation experts can help guide you to the right choice. 


How do I finance the system and how long does it take to pay for itself?

Everyone's situation is different. We go over your options to finance and what you qualify for and go from there. 

Prices have dropped so much in the last few years that the average system now has a payback period of less than nine years. However, your Return on Investment (ROI) is not the only factor to consider in terms of money. You immediately begin to save money on your utility bill and the overall cost of a solar energy system is about seven cents per kilowatt-hour which is well below the average utility rate. 


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