Get a Second Opinion After Storm Roof Damage

Here’s the scenario:  You have roof damage after a storm and you call your insurance company.  They send an adjuster who estimates the work with Xactimate software, created by the insurance industry.  Then they recommend a “preferred” contractor, who accepts their initial estimate.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Insurance Adjusters are not roofing professionals.
  2. Many insurance companies use adjusters from out of state that are not familiar with local code requirements.
  3. The insurance industry created Xactimate software to estimate roof repair costs without consulting a certified roofing professional.
  4. Xactimate pricing can be custom adjusted to whatever the contractor charges, but the insurance industry will not allow roofing contractors to do this.
  5. Insurance industry “preferred contractors” are often from out of state and not familiar with local or state code. They have agreed to accept the insurance company’s initial estimates, so they get more work passed to them by the insurance companies.

Being an insurance company’s “preferred contractor” has nothing to do with their quality of work.

Sadly, its the homeowners that gets stuck with “preferred contractors” to repair their storm damaged property on a low-end budget done by out of town or insurance “preferred” contractors!

Read “What Every Homeowner Should Know About Getting Insurance Estimates” to find out how to protect your roof from the “preferred contractors” and hire a certified roofing contractor instead.

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