Insurance Claims

You never know what Mother Nature has in store, so be prepared for whatever weather comes your way with Storm Restoration Services by MasterBuilt Roofing.

Storm Claims

Very few Austin roofing contractors know how to handle insurance claims correctly. With over 30 years of storm restoration experience and former insurance adjusters on staff, MasterBuilt Roofing is prepared to handle any size claim.

The Claims Process
  • Once you file an insurance claim, an Adjuster will inspect your property and build your estimate. During a storm event, many Insurance Adjusters are flown in from out of town to help the insurance company with the thousands of claims they received,  so they may not be aware of local building codes.  (Insurance Adjusters are not certified roofing professionals.)
  • Have the insurance estimate vetted by a Master Certified Roofing Professional. They can tell you if the Adjuster missed items or if their pricing is off.  Insurance Adjuster’s represent the insurance company, not the policyholder.  We have a solution keeping your best interest in mind!

About the Insurance Industry’s “Preferred” Contractor program:

  • “Preferred” contractors for Insurance companies are not vetted contractors.  They are contractors willing to accept the low estimates Adjusters produce. Preferred contractors focus on quantity, not quality.
  • If they don’t accept the low Adjuster prices, they are dropped from the Preferred contractor program.
  • It is illegal for an Insurance Adjuster to encourage their policy holders to choose their preferred contractors, yet they do this all the time.
  • Unfortunately most homeowners are not aware of these tactics, so they get stuck with contractors that do sub-par work.

The Solution

1.  Do not accept an Insurance Adjuster’s estimate without having your roof  checked by a Master Certified Roofing Professional first.

2. Hire a local Master Certified Roofing Professional that is experienced in handling insurance claims and understands the Insurance industry pricing software, “Xactimate”.  (Only a handful of local roofers know how to use Xactimate software.)

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