Slate Roofing

The most dynamic and timeless roof system you can choose is slate.

True slate roofs can last up to 100 years if installed correctly.  Just like a tile roof, these roofs are only as good as the type of underlayment and flashing work underneath.

Since slate is one of the most expensive and time tested roofs, it is imperative that only crews experienced in slate roofing and flashing work do these type of jobs.

MasterBuilt Roofings slate crews are one of the best in Central Texas!

We have done many slate roofs all over Lakeway and Westlake in Austin, where some of the most beautiful and magnificent homes in Central Texas are located.

Slate Roof by MasterBuilt Roofing, Austin, Texas
Slate Roof
Multic-olored Slate Roof by MasterBuilt Roofing, Austin, Texas
Gray Slate Roof
Multi-colored Slate Roof detail by MasterBuilt Roofing, Austin, Texas
Multi-colored Blue Slate Roof detail

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