Storm Claims


Texas has the largest amount of hail & wind claims every year in the United States! If you suspect you have hail or wind damage, contact us immediately since time is of the essence in these matters. If not treated right away, damages, deterioration and most likely mold will continue to grow. MasterBuilt Roofing offers free appointments to inspect your roof and property and will provide you with a free estimate. If you decide to use our company for the work, we will represent your best interests so that you can get a fair claim settlement. We have over 40 experience working with insurance claims adjusters and know exactly how to deal with insurance companies. Furthermore, we provide all of our clients under contract with $1,000 in FREE upgrades to their roof plus a free 3D report of their property, which allows them to collaborate shingle and siding colors with us prior to construction! Call us at 512-308-6262 to schedule your free inspection today!

We can finance your deductible or the whole claim amount into a low monthly payment and you can keep your insurance cash in the bank to invest for other things!

Hail Damage

Wind Damage

Get $1,000 in FREE upgrades and 3D Model of Your Home prior to construction when you sign with MasterBuilt!


The Claims Process

  1. If you suspect you have hail or wind damage, call your local roofing company first. Make sure they are experienced in hail & wind claims!
  2. Allow your roofer to inspect your property and if you have enough damage, contact your insurance company to file the claim.
  3. Your insurance adjuster will call you to let you know when he/she will be out to inspect the damage.
  4. Once your claim is approved, allow your roofer to review the summary to ensure ALL of the line items that are supposed to be included in the summary are included. This is where experience and knowledge of local building codes and manufacturer specifications comes in. Ninety-nine out of one hundred times, your roofer will need to discuss the line items on the Adjuster’s Summary with the Adjuster who wrote it. In order for this to happen, you must have a roofer under contract because Insurance companies will not talk to any roofer representing you unless he/she is under contract. Note: If your claim is not approved, and you know the damage is considerate, you can always call for a re-inspect or hire a Public Adjuster. We have a great one that we can refer.
  5. Your first check from the insurance company will come in the mail. Its called the ACV check which stands for Actual Cash Value. This is the first of two checks. Sign it and deposit it into the bank. Note: If your mortgage company is listed on it, you will need to sign it and send it to your mortgage company to endorse. They will endorse it, and then mail it back to you.
  6. Once the first check has cleared your bank, call the Roofing Company to schedule the work.
  7. As soon as materials hit the ground, we will need the ACV check plus your deductible. (See New Laws On Deductibles).
  8. The production is scheduled and all work gets done as described on your Adjuster’s summary.
  9. Once your project is completed, your roofer will send the Final Invoice and Certificate of Completion to your insurance company and/or mortgage company (if applicable) for the Final/Depreciation check.
  10. You will receive your Final Depreciation check.
  11. Deposit your Depreciation check into your bank and as soon as it clears, write the Final check to your roofer.
  12. You will receive a Thank You letter from us.
  13. Contact your insurance agent and let them know you have a new roof and to endorse your policy to reflect the new roof. Most insurance companies offer a reduced premium for new roof installations.

Texas Department of Insurance Offers a Form to Lower Home Insurance Premiums After Installation of a Class 4 Shingle / Metal Roof. Note That Some Insurance Companies Will Install the Discount but Will Also Waive Your Future Right to Claim “Cosmetic Damage” Such as Hail.

Texas Department of Insurance Roofing Installation / Certification Form


Texas HB 2102 effective September 1st, 2019: The new law creates a Class B misdemeanor offense of 180 days in county jail and a fine of up to $2000, for (1) a business who sells goods or services to provide such a good or service in such a prohibited manner (violating contractor), (2) an insured (policyholder)who commits an offense if the person, in connection with a first party claim knowingly submits or allows a claim to be submitted in violation of subsection c, (the violation section directly above) unless the insured person promptly notifies the insurer of the violation.


Q. What if I don’t have the funds to pay my deductible?
A. We offer financing for all credit types with options to pay over time. Typical loan periods are 2 – 12 years.

Q. I spent the first check already but I really need to get the work done!
A. We offer financing for all credit types with options to pay over time. Typical loan periods are 2 – 12 years

Q. Can I get an upgraded roof? Examples: Metal / Hail Resistant Shingle
A. Yes you can! You just pay/finance the difference in price.

Q. Do I get a new roof discount from my insurance company now?
A. Some insurance companies will issue a new roof discount once completion has been certified. Click Here to download this TDI form to give to your insurance company if you have a Class 4 roofing material.

Q. Is my new roof a class 4 hail resistant material?
A. Some are and we can give you a form certifying this for your insurance company. You may get up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance! NOTE: You will give up future claims for “cosmetic damage” like hail unless it actually makes holes through your roof. Form

Q. Is there a warranty on my new roof?
A. We offer workmanship warranties insuring you against poor installation: 5-years for shingles & 10-years for metal. We also offer 50-year material warranties that we highly suggest. Typically included is a standard 50-year warranty for qualifying insurance re-roofs (upgraded materials required). There are also upgraded 50-year warranties that hold significant benefits.

Q. Will my insurance premiums go up after a storm damage claim?
A. It is against the law for an insurance company to increase your home owners insurance premium based on payment / claim of storm damage.