Introducing The Most Durable Smart Roofs In America: The Fortified Smart Roof System™

Our trademarked roof systems are built to last longer than any other roof system including metal and slate!

Shingle Options

gfa armorshield 2

GAF Armorshield II (Good)

-Various Colors

These shingles are made by GAF, the number one selling shingle manufacturer in America. They are Class IV Impact Resistant shingles and can withstand up to 2" golf ball size hail. They also have a 130 mph wind speed warranty and with a 50 year non pro-rated materials warranty and offers the Silver Pledge 10 year workmanship or Golden Pledge 25 year workmanship warranties

fwave shingles

F-Wave Shingles (Better)

-Various Styles and Colors

These are the newest and most innovative shingles on the market today. They are the only shingles in the world that can actually repair themselves from hail damage, tree scratches and foot traffic. They are also Class IV Impact Resistant, Class A fire rated, and have been wind speed tested up to 130 mph. They come with a 50 year materials warranty, 5 year hail warranty and a 25 year workmanship warranty. 

euroshield shingles

Euroshield (Best)

-Various Styles and Colors

This shingle is the most durable shingle in America. It is made from recycled tires which makes them stronger than slate as well as environmentally friendly. They are also a Class IV Impact Resistant shingle and can withstand 4" softball size hail! They have a 130 mph wind speed warranty, Class A fire rating, 50 year non-prorated materials warranty, and 25 years workmanship warranty. 

Every Fortified Smart Roof Comes With the Following Components:

Fortified Roof Deck

When you have a fortified roof deck, it means that the roof deck is sealed. This means that even if shingles are lost, your roof deck can still resist water intrusion. 


The Perm-Boot is a permanent solution to the normal rubber boots around plumbing vent pipes. It repairs and prevents the most common roof leaks - the vent pipes that penetrate your roof.

Solar Powered Vents

Essential for properly ventilated attics, the solar powered vent can also cut your energy bills by as much as 30%. They help to reduce heat buildup and as a result, extend the lifetime of your shingles! 

Water Leak Detection

Water leak detectors are placed in places that are at risk of potential water damage and are monitored with an app! Get real time notifications on water events that happen to prevent roof water damage before it happens!

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