Select your roof & siding colors prior to production!

The MasterBuilt Difference – “Service Excellence”

MasterBuilt Roofing is a Top Tier Roofing & Siding contractor headquartered in Austin TX. We reinforce every roof system to go above and beyond the local building codes and manufacturer specs so that your roof is water-tight and lasts longer! We strive to show our customers what excellent service looks like which is why our motto is Service Excellence! We start by designing your roof system on the e360/Hover app seen above. This app allows us to get precise measurements for your roof & siding. We can then show you an interactive 3D model where you can collaborate your vision with us and see exactly what you’re getting before production is started! We can do this in person or virtually, whichever you prefer. The 3D model does have a $100 fee from the 3rd party we get it from, however you will get this back if you choose our company to do the work! In addition to excellent service, we offer the best warranties in the business! MasterBuilt Roofing is a GAF MasterElite certified contractor, which means we are in the top 2% elite class of all roofing contractors in the United States. As a GAF MasterElite contractor we can offer you the Silver Pledge and Golden Pledge Lifetime Warranty systems, which are the best warranties in the industry. In addition to all of this, we take extra precaution in protecting your landscaping so we invested in the “Catch All” system (see below), which protects your landscaping and siding from falling debris during the roof construction phase. At MasterBuilt Roofing, we want to show you what great customer service looks like. Feel free to give us a call for your next roofing or siding project at 512-308-6262 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

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The GAFe360 app works for Multi-Family Properties too! You select the colors for your roof and siding prior to construction!

Multi-Family Properties

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! We take extra precaution to protect your landscaping!

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